As an active salon you know the hardships of managing a profitable and efficient business - 6 days a week. Firstly, congratulations on your establishment and if you are reading this you obviously are devoted to building the best possible encompassing salon for your clientele, employees, and yourself as an entrepreneur.

Part of the services that I provide includes business management and stylist education. To elaborate, I help salon owners streamline their businesses, taking into account inefficiencies, cost, marketing strategy, as well as highlight areas of potential improvement in order to drive margins and profitability. From an individual stand point, I host technique work shops and current “on-trend” education across both style and colour. The goal is to maximize the client experience, while providing reception, stylists, colorists, back of the house, and management with proper techniques, innovation, and client engagement philosophies, beginning with business development, consultation, up-selling do’s and don’t, service offerings, product recommendations, and calendar management.

Typically I will spend the first day observing the teams in their natural working and functional environments. I want to become familiar with the personalities, overall culture, strengths and any potential gaps of each individual, teams, and the salon as a holistic business. Depending on the program your salon chooses, I will customize a schedule that includes individual and team style and colour workshops, back-office management of payroll, operational and financial management, product sourcing, and general overhead review.                                            

I can offer your business three (3) solutions, which can be tailored to your needs, gaps and strengths:                                    

SOLUTION ONE                                                                           

A one-time salon consultation, which includes one (1) day observation and a second day follow-up session including: assessment and training. Cost of the this consultation: $1,500                                


A six-month engagement, which includes observation, guidance, creative and business training, stylist work-shops and motivational guidance. I will also offer, a three (3) day follow-up session of interactive trainings, including stylist education, business development, and operational leadership. $4,500.                   


A one-year long strategic partnership, which includes observation, one-on-one and team trainings, business and operational work shops, six (6) business development meetings, styling, colouring, and trend workshops, motivational and editorial prep services. $ Negotiable.                                           

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions and I look forward to further discussing your specific business objectives.

Giancarlo De Berardinis